Welcome to Fourmount. Our family-run business specializes in supplying individual customer ornamental trees, shrubs, finest herbs and  much more for your garden and home.

Planting trees in containers is becoming more popular, especially in landscapes with little or no outside space. You don’t need a large piece of property to grow a tree. If you have a porch, patio, or balcony, you can grow a tree in large container. Container-grown trees can be used to frame entryways or to provide interesting focal points. They are well suited to small spaces in the landscape such as patios and decks and can be used alongside other container-grown plantings as well.

Growing trees in pots bring height to a small area and tight space, especially on a balcony. They can also add privacy, color from flowers and fragrance.

We pride ourselves in giving customers a quick and responsive service and working closely with you to satisfy all your needs. 

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Our Services

In cooperation with professional manufacturers Fourmount Limited for individual customer demand offers a wide range of carpentry products such as; kitchens, wardrobes, stairs, doors, windows etc. as well as natural stone, granite, marble, quartzit 

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Shipping and Delivery

Guaranteed free standard delivery 2-3 days for order over £30
Cover most of the London M25 area.
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Phone: 020 8202 1663

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